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I don't have any CCE WAV files to test with.

Have you tried to use these (MS-DOS) applications for converting .BAS files into .WAV files?


Download the .zip file linked by the word "aqui", then you can use the four applications:

BAS2BIN.EXE filename.BAS

From a plain text file containing a BASIC program, generates a filename.BIN containing all the bytes that are to be saved to tape (header, then the tokenized version of the program).

You can get a handful of BASIC programs here.

BIN2WAV.EXE filename.BIN

Generates a filename.WAV file from the .BIN file. The .WAV file generated has an unusual sample rate of 2757 samples/second (instead of 44100 or something like that), tuned to produce .WAV files as small as possible, with one sample per peak or valley. But the sound seems to get distorted in some players. For instance, it plays well in Windows Sound Recorder, but differently in Windows Media Player. (Higher frequency becomes mute.) Would M.E.S.S. read them well?

WAV2BIN.EXE filename.WAV

Analyzes a .WAV file to generate a .BIN file. Accepts files with any sample rate.


Lists the BASIC program contained in a .BIN file. It doesn't generate a .BAS file, but you can redirect (>) the output to a file.

NOTE: These applications were made with an old QuickBasic, so file names must have no more than 8 characters.

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