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I tried without success. See my older posting.

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The tape is playing but ignore the end of tape time.

Ensjo, I made following :

1.) Convert the .bas file to .bin (BAS2BIN)
2.) Convert the .bin file to .wav (BIN2WAV)

Anna, but you did manage to produce a .wav file with the programs, right? That's one thing. That the emulator still can't read the .wav files is another issue. But .wav files will be needed to make the tests, that's why I explained about these applications.

Curt: Why is this line commented in the code?
// data &= (((cassette_input(state->cassette) < +0.0) << 7) | 0x7f);
This prevents the emulator from "hearing" the .wav files. Is the line commented because it generates some error? Does this suggestions from Judge solve the problem?

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It could be me, but I'd kinda expect to see something like:
data &= (((cassette_input(state->cassette) < +0.0 ? 0 : 1) << 7) | 0x7f);
data &= (((cassette_input(state->cassette) < +0.0 ? 1 : 0) << 7) | 0x7f);