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Yes, there is now in svn r5501: green, yellow, blue, red stripes on the screen with your changes.

I hope this doesn't break other drivers.
Me too. smile

Only one thing, though: You forgot to change 128 into 256 in one comment line:
  153     /* 2^7 modes, 128 characters, 12 scanlines */
  154     UINT8 fontdata[128][256][12];
When the changes appear on the next BobZ Automatic Daily Build I'll check them out.

Given that, let's check what's left at the TODO for MC-1000:
   16     - cassette
   17     - interrupt from NE555
   18     - xtal frequency?
   19     - Z80 wait at 0x0000-0x1fff when !hsync & !vsync
   20     - MC6847 color artifacting is broken
   21     - 80-column card (MC6845)
   22     - Charlemagne / GEM-1000 / Junior Computer
  • Cassette seems to be working right already.
  • MC6847 does implement (NTSC) artifacts. Why you say it is broken? Because it doesn't implement PAL-M artifacts?
  • Implementing Charlemagne/GEM-1000 smile depends on someone finding info on that obscure machine other than what's found in Old-Computers.com.
  • As for MC6845 (80-column card)... In this case we would have the machine generating two screens simultaneously. How is this to be handled in M.E.S.S.?
  • I'd need a longer description of the other TODOs.