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  • MC6847 does implement (NTSC) artifacts. Why you say it is broken? Because it doesn't implement PAL-M artifacts?

One of the (very) long-term goals of MAME/MESS is to implement artifacting at core level rather than at device level.

I wonder if, given the specs of the three major standards (NTSC, PAL and SECAM) and the ITU id table, is possible to model (in a mathematical sense) all the possible artifact schemes.

Of course, there will still be a little number of parameters that have to be tweaked by the user (gamma, tint, etc.) but it'd be funny to "connect" e.g. an Oric Atmos to a SECAM-M monitor and see what happens wink

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  • As for MC6845 (80-column card)... In this case we would have the machine generating two screens simultaneously. How is this to be handled in M.E.S.S.?

That's definitely easier to achieve: see the SVI-318 driver. Basically you plot the 32-columns display on screen #1, and the 80-columns display on screen #2: with the proper layout file you can display one of the two screens, or both, at your pleasure!