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byuu, does anything leap out at you as being a possible cause for the missing polygon fills on Starfox, the wheels being rotated by 90 degrees on Stunt Race FX as well as the horrific crashing upon going in-game, and the missing polygons on Vortex?

Incidentally, do you think those issues could be caused by mirroring where no mirroring is present, or having no mirroring where mirroring is present?

Basically, what I want to know is: if the SuperFX reads from a SuperFX memory address of 0x712345, does it actually read from index 0x2345 in the FX RAM buffer? If the S-CPU reads from 0x356789, is this the same as a read from 0x306789, which itself is a read from index 0x789 in the FX RAM buffer (due to mirroring)?

Thanks in advance.