ETA: Hmm, no. No, hooking up the S-CPU IRQ didn't seem to actually affect anything.

Argh, thought it was more important. It has to be used *somewhere* ... hmm. I know the SA-1 games use almost every last feature (except timer IRQs). Some features are used by only one game.

The SA-1 is better for adding little by little. Just cloning the S-CPU core is enough to get almost half the titles running, had that up in a day.

ETA2: Dammit, I reimplemented RAM and ROM buffering based on bsnes's spec, and it also isn't affecting anything. At least we're narrowing things down here.

That one had a big impact on timing in Winter Gold for me. All the skiers were flickering before I added it.

ETA3: byuu, do you have a copy of this? bsnes_v046_wip13.tar.bz2

Sure, I have everything from v019 and above. Accidentally formatted the hard drive with the earlier versions.


As it turns out, HIB checks against 0x80 for the sign bit and not 0x8000. Oops.

Ah, so then you aren't using copy/paste for your opcode core. Perhaps I'll do a once over tomorrow to see if I can spot anything obvious.

You should try some SuperFX2 games. The only difference is the memory timing.

Overall, looking really good!