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Hmm, I don't have an SVN tool on this work machine. All I can see is this: http://git.toseciso.org/?p=mess.git;a=summary

Where might I find the latest SuperFX code?

Ah, right. As a rule, I've been submitting my SuperFX core changes to the private MAME revision-control server, since CPU cores are considered to be part of MAME. Now that I have Star Fox mostly working, I'll package up all of my changes, including the SNES-side ones, and submit them to the MESS tree so that you can get at them. smile

Edit: You know what would be funny as hell? A Z80-based system that used a SuperFX chip. Given the way I have the IRQ line callback implemented (thanks to RB for the suggestion), it would be a trivial matter to put one together in MESS just for kicks. smile