Wait, something actually uses decimal mode?

My understanding is that the N and Z flag calculations are identical in both regular and decimal modes. However, grinvader advises that the V flag calculation may be different. I have no idea about the C flag. Need to generate some log files to be sure, but all my hardware dev stuff is boxed up at the moment.

While I'm proud of the fact that MESS is the first emulator to include this fix in a public release

That's a pretty bold thing to brag about. "We're the first to publicly include someone else's fix for someone else's chip emulator."

Jonas Quinn should be getting the credit for the fix here, not MESS.

Pet peeve of mine. People fought about who added Andreas Naive's S-DD1 support first (ZSNES publicly, Snes9X privately), whoever it is on Wikipedia bragging about me including neviksti's SPC7110 support first, and so on. Releasing new builds faster than someone else isn't much to brag about. Andreas, neviksti and Jonas deserve that praise, not us for copying and pasting.

Saying such things eggs on the general public to think we're all competing against each other.

This makes us 3 chips closer to the goal

ST011 and ST018 will be quite a bit tougher wink

Both will require major reverse engineering research and testing, several thousand man hours a piece. And each one only runs one subpar Shougi game. But they're both needed to claim true 100% compatibility.

We could definitely use some help there. Most of the people who worked to emulate all these obscure chips have all but left the scene.