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Everyone has proper credit in the actual source. Also, I thought only dumpers had pointless flame wars about credits.

Andreas Naive is busy decrypting the Naomi protection ASIC and anyone who distracts him for SNES will face my (and Cah4e3's) wrath wink

As far as ST001x, they're probably stranger than you can possibly imagine. Seta are the people who made an arcade Shougi game based on a Z80 with an R3000 as the AI coprocessor. And an arcade golf game based on a Z80 with an R3000 as a polygon renderer. I guess the smart money is that those chips might be or contain an R3000 smile

Actually they use a V810 for the Shougi AI.

They do this on a V60 based system (SSV) with 'jsk' Joryuu Syougi Kyoushitsu

and on a ST0016(Z80 core) based system with Mayjinsen and Mayjinsen 2.

The V810 program differs on each game, but they're interchangable, probably just improved / bugfixed / optimized AI between versions.

According to Dox there are also physical (wooden) Shougi boards / computers which use a v810, and probably the same AI software as was used on the arcade games. (which is probably why Seta used it, a proven AI that they didn't have to develop)

It wouldn't surprise me if one of the SNES chips was actually a V810, maybe with internal ROM, maybe with the software uploaded somewhere, or in the main rom shared? (or if the carts have simply never been opened, not dumped because the main cpu can't see it)

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