The message board is a more informal place, where I thought we were all above squabbling over l33t sk3n3 cr3dz.

Also, I thought only dumpers had pointless flame wars about credits.

Sorry, I didn't mean to seem like I was deeply offended or anything. Hard to reflect mood in plain-text without lots of ^__^. Also note that I wasn't asking for credit for anything I've done.

As I said, just a pet peeve. You both seem to find it silly as well, which is why I pointed it out to etabeta in the first place.

That behind us ...

Andreas Naive is busy decrypting the Naomi protection ASIC and anyone who distracts him for SNES will face my (and Cah4e3's) wrath

Absolutely not. There's no way in hell I want to burden the genius who put CPS-2 Razoola out of business to work on two godawful Shougi games.

I guess the smart money is that those chips might be or contain an R3000

A lot of people speculate on what is inside the chips. I don't see the point unless someone can dump the program ROMs from these chips. Even neviksti couldn't manage it. I believe he said they use NAND ROMs, and he can only stain NOR ROMs.

The interface between ST-0010 and ST-0011 is almost identical, so emulating it is similar. We "just" have to RE the chess AI. The ST-0018 is very different, but still uses a very simple communication system like all the other DSPs. I've RE'd how it works, what a few of the commands do and the way it transmits the board information to and from the coprocessor.

For the ST-0018, there are commands like:
- will this board result in a check(mate)?
- given this board, what is the best move for player A?

The former is simple, but getting the latter bit-perfect would be ... fun, to say the least.

I'm told that some would castrate you for daring to mention using a generic Shougi AI, but I really don't care personally if it's used as a placeholder until when and if someone can dump the PROMs. This is slightly hypocritical as I'm also of the belief that partially emulating something may potentially kill the motivation to do it the right way later on.

Since its manufactured by sharp its possible the z80-like core matches the gameboy cpu's on-die core, so if we get the roms decapped, we may be able to pretty much drop them in...

If we get the ST program ROMs before the DSP-1, it will be a crime against all that is good. But at least we can finally claim the entire library is emulated at last. Is there any way we can help get this process started? Would Guru mind helping? Let's see ...

S-DSP: probably not needed, bit-perfect except for mute pulse
S-PPU1/2: probably won't help, not much data missing
CIC: would help devcart makers maybe, but not us
DSP-1: very important, some games show timing issues
ST-0010,DSP-2,DSP-3,DSP-4,Cx4: already software emulated fairly decently, but still nice for timing purposes
S-DD1, SPC7110, S-RTC, OBC1: complete waste of time