The Z80GB is a Nintendo design, not Sharp. Sharp real Z80s are probably the most common brand I've seen in arcade boards, and of course the ST-0016 has a real full Z80 in it.

As I said, just a pet peeve. You both seem to find it silly as well, which is why I pointed it out to etabeta in the first place.

Understood. It's just I've been adjacent to ground zero for pointless squabbling lately (ground one?) and so I'm especially sensitive to it.

As far as the rest, the process is defined. Send Guru the chip, he'll forward it to the decapper, and it'll be decapped either as time and funds allow or you can donate $200 to guarantee that chip will be decapped/read next. I just did so for the Saturn's SH-1 CD controller and I will certainly keep everyone informed how that goes.