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iirc dox said the st-018 is an nec v-something w/on die rom.
But the st-011 is the same as the st-010: a custom gate array with a z80 or z80-like core tacked onto it, plus ram and rom; stiletto looked it up.
Since its manufactured by sharp its possible the z80-like core matches the gameboy cpu's on-die core, so if we get the roms decapped, we may be able to pretty much drop them in...


Nope, you misquoted me - Seta ST010/011 is a NEC part.

From my email a few months ago:
I was thinking about the Seta ST010 chips used in SNES and also in "Twin Eagle II - The Rescue Mission" arcade. I may have "identified" it so to speak. This may be known but I didn't see it documented anywhere.

Looking at the chip label:

We see a DIP64/SDIP64 chip labeled as so:

D96050CW? That matches a format NEC commonly uses: uPD followed by five digits, two letters, and a three-digit speed number. up is commonly but not always dropped off NEC part numbers. u is sometimes � (micro).

For example, go here:

You'll see part numbers like upD96075CW.

Okay, so let's say that it really is a UPD96050CW-012. What is it? Well, really hard to say other than it seems to be a MCU of some kind, 64-pin.
But go look at this:
and you'll see uPD96100 listed as a "semi-custom cell-based LSI IC". Of course, this isn't conclusive at all. Still, maybe more info than you originally had. I'll see if I can look into this any further.

Of course, other than my initial contact with NEC, I haven't followed up yet. It is indeed proprietary so it's an uphill battle.

[EDIT] Ack, misunderstood - anyhow, more fuel for the fire.

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