byuu: before we go out of our way to buy carts, I own (saved for decapping):
Super Mario Kart (has dsp-1, not 1b)
Dungeon Master (dsp-2)
SD Gundam GX (dsp-3)

So all we need is the decap funds for those three. I don't own a top gear 3000 cart so we will need that for dsp-4, and we need a cart with a guaranteed dsp-1b in it, like ballz 3d.

We also need a upd77c25 core to actually run the stuff once dumped. (I also need a upd77c20 core for running an old speech synth, but its practically identical to the upd77c25, just has a smaller stack, 1/4 the rom and half the ram)

I also own an F1 ROC II cart for ST-010 decapping.


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