I'd like the dump the DSP-1B first. Supports the most games with the least bugs. DSP-2,3,4 are all one game a piece. Not good to debug our UDP77c25 core. But since we do eventually want all three DSP variants, I suppose we can start with Super Mario Kart if need be.

Anyway, I'll work on the UDP core once we have the PROM dumped wink

Since we don't know the exact Cx4/ST-001x core names, we should probably hold off on those. I do kind of wonder how hard it would be to RE just the binary blob, eg use heuristics to guess what the chip is doing. Probably a nightmare.

This will probably also be limited to bsnes and MESS. I doubt anyone else wants SuperFX-level speed penalties for DSP-n chip emulation. Maybe they can offer both, I intend to remove the simulators when I can. But I guess we'll find out wink

At least one person has expressed interest now. Should I pool up the money and send it all at once, or should we just have multiple people donate small chunks of money?