Shit, i forgot about the Cx4: I have a megamanx2 cart for that as well.

As for money: we may want to have one person sort of 'consolidate' any donations together, then send that to dr. decapsulator at the end. Mr. Do on the mameworld forums does something similar for buying bezels, and smittdog does something similar as 'the dumping union' for buying rare pcbs for mame.
Money should if sent via paypal be sent as gifts since that way paypal takes much less of a cut of it.
I nominate byuu to accept donations for now.

We should aim to do a dsp-1b first imho, so I'll see if I can find a cheap dsp-1b cart on ebay or find someone who's willing to donate one to the cause. (I'm working on this)
Edit: Done. Just got a ballz 3d cart from ebay for $4 including shipping.

As for upd77c20/77c25 code to work on to get the core working: Sega's air rescue arcade machine used a upd77P25 (eprom version) with the protection bit NOT set, allowing it to be dumped, which it was; the chip is used for intermachine communication only afaik, but it should be valid code. Also I have the upd77P20 code from that prose 2020 speech synth which if shifted around a bit to make the bits line up should also run on a 77c25 (the 77c25 is backwards compatible with 77c20 code with appropriate column shifting of the roms, that's why the ram increment ignores the highest address bit on the 77c25)

And before I forget:
UPD7720 = nmos mask version
UPD77C20 = cmos mask version (I have one of these on the Infovox speech synth card rachael sent me, not dumped yet but is unprotected)
UPD77P20 = nmos eprom version (I have one of these on the prose 2020 speech synth, dumped)

UPD77C25 = cmos mask version, has protection bit. DSP-X are these, with protection bit set.
UPD77P25 = ?cmos? eprom version, has protection bit. Sega air rescue uses one of these, with the protection bit clear, which was dumped.


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