ok, how the hell did I not figure that one out...
gimme a few minutes to implement that.

Edit: arg, is there an 8-bit-with-mask version of AM_RAM?
so i could do something like:
AM_RANGE(0x094000, 0x0941ff) AM_WRITE8(led_write, 0x00FF) AM_MIRROR(0x763C00) /* LED array */
AM_RANGE(0x094000, 0x0941ff) AM_RAM8(0xFF00) AM_BASE(&generic_nvram) AM_SIZE(&generic_nvram_size) AM_MIRROR(0x763C00) /* Xicor X2212 NVRAM */

Even that isn't optimal, the best would be if there was some way to access the nvram from within a write function, since the nvram acts as normal sram from the memory map, and is only stored to the non volatile 'backing store' when a different address is written to (0x94200) and is read from the 'backing store' when that same address is read from.


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