I've posted about the fundraiser on my front page, and I have three offers. One sent $50 so far. Another was for $10 and the last one didn't say.

Once I have $200, I'll throw in some money myself as a tip per LN and send it over, along with the transaction ID# and a screenshot and all that.

I suppose we can coordinate when and where to send stuff once Ballz 3D arrives and the money is ready.

ht1848, thanks for your interest. You can e-mail me at setsunakun0 at hotmail (please don't send money to my hotmail address! I won't be able to retrieve it) and I'll give you the PayPal address (don't want people sending me money out of the blue), or post on my forum. Either way wink

What game is that?

Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai. I only know that because I fixed an issue with the PPU counters that was affecting it :P