That's a pretty bold thing to brag about. "We're the first to publicly include someone else's fix for someone else's chip emulator."

Jonas Quinn should be getting the credit for the fix here, not MESS.

Pet peeve of mine. People fought about who added Andreas Naive's S-DD1 support first (ZSNES publicly, Snes9X privately), whoever it is on Wikipedia bragging about me including neviksti's SPC7110 support first, and so on. Releasing new builds faster than someone else isn't much to brag about. Andreas, neviksti and Jonas deserve that praise, not us for copying and pasting.

Saying such things eggs on the general public to think we're all competing against each other.

I know it's been clarified, but I've been away and I wanted to say my opinion. my commit messages for both MAME & MESS clearly says the code is only ZSNES code (no mention to fixes, especially not claiming they were done by our team), the source code contains full copyright credits (including Jonas' credit) and no mention is done about my name or of anyone in the team, because we have done no fixes on the emulation itself. Hence, outside this forum no one could even dream we are the authors of the fixes.

this leaves my previous post, which I thought was ironic enough to avoid misunderstanding (we got the fix, but you cannot even test it because the game does not work properly smile )

I'm sorry that I was in a hurry and I agree it would have been more clear if I would have explicitly said it had been Nach to send me the fix (which in turn is only Jonas' work),
but I never claimed that I fixed any bug, only that MESS was including the fixes.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but we can definitely move on smile