SVN r5702
PC Engine (pce driver)
Game : The Akumajou Dracula X - Chi no Rondo (CD-ROM/CHD)

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How i created the needed CHD file :

Daemon Tools (as example) for CD/DVD emulation (Windows)
burnatonce (as example) to write CD (Windows)
chdman to convert .toc to chd

1.) Start Daemon Tools and load image.
2.) Start burnatonce, choose drive for CD emulation and read to image.
3.) Start chdman to convert the .toc file.
Example: chdman -createcd Dracula_X.toc Dracula_X.chd
4.) Start MESS and choose for cartslot as example: Syscard3.pce and for CDROM as example: Dracula_X.chd
5.) Start the emulation and push the RUN button to start the game.

Unfortunately, the game is not playable.

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