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I've got one of the chips here in a cart from some SNES-based arcade game that Ranger Lennier sent some time ago. Might be DSP-1 or something. It has 2 or 3 games in it one was Mario something I think. So I have one of them already....
I think the NSS arcade games are too old to have used the dsp-1b, it probably has a dsp-1a or dsp-1 in it. we may need those later (particularly if its a dsp-1a) but for now we just need the 1b. The cart I ordered hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, should i send it directly to Dr. decapsulator?
(I have a package I need to send him anyway with some mess related CGB and gameboy pocket stuff from incog, not to mention that ballz 3d should have an F411B CIC on it which we probably want decapsulated eventually too)


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