i think what ranger_lennier sent guru wasn't NSS but instead was the super famicombox carts

I see. If it comes down to it, it won't be a huge deal to use a DSP-1 or DSP-1A first; but we definitely want the DSP-1B eventually.

If we were to continue (maybe we'll learn how to toggle the protection bit from the decap scans?), it'd definitely be best to target the DSP-3 (unplayable), then DSP-4 (lots of errors), then DSP-2 (edge-case errors), and only then the remaining two DSP-1 revisions. Of course if someone has money for a different order, that's cool too.

this shouldn't require optical readout, just them tweeking the read protect and reading it out that way.

I wonder how easy that will be ... would be really neat if we don't have to bug Dr. Decapitator to help with all the other variants. I'm happy to pay him to help, but I know there's a lot of other deserving chips out there as well.