Just saw that the SGB BIOS was dumped, neat.

Reminded me of my old work on emulating the Super Game Boy. Unfortunately, I got stuck due to my limited knowledge of the Game Boy hardware. While I myself was using gambatte as the Game Boy core, I imagine MESS is in a great position to use their own core.

So, how interested would you guys be in working with me to emulate something new for the very first time, as opposed to simply adding all these old chips in? smile

My research notes are here:

The problem I'm having is explained under the $7800 register section, and I'm also quite stumped on the purpose of $6001.

I've gotten far enough to have the entire SGB BIOS running, all Gameboy non-SGB games running perfectly with full video, audio and input; and I've gotten a few SGB-specific commands to execute, but again, that $7800 problem makes almost everything unplayable.

I took out the code from the core because it was too unstable (and because I wanted to modularize the GB portion to a DLL/SO library), but if anyone is interested I can post one of the public v045 WIPs that had the aforementioned support.

Note: I'm looking for more than suggestions, eg actual help: testing ideas directly and such. Someone familiar with the GB-side of things would be quite valuable.