SNES(FX) driver
Games with special chips (not complete) Part 1


Mega Man X 2 (U) with CX4 chip

Super Mario Kart (U)with DSP1 chip

Dungeon Master (U)with DSP2 chip

SD Gundam GX (J) with DSP3 chip

Top Gear 3000 (U) with DSP4 chip

Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge (U) with OBC-1 chip

Games with with SA-1 chip seems not to work.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (U) with S-DD1 chip

Games with with SPC7110 chip seems not to work.

Dai Kaiju Monogatari 2 (J) with S-RTC chip (partially working)

F1 ROC II - Race of Champions (U) with ST010 chip (partially working)

Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi (J) with ST011 chip (partially working)

Games with with ST018 chip seems not to work.

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