Hey byuu, who do I need to get permission from to include SPC7110 in MESS?

neviksti was the one to crack the decompression engine, and I optimized a bit of that, removing some loops and generating a lookup table to de-interleave bits. I also emulated all the rest (data port, math, memory mapper, RTC units) by studying the hardware test.

neviksti said PD, as did I, so no credit needed as per the S-DD1, S-RTC and SuperFX modules.

And lastly, don't forget that you'll need proper S-RTC support: if you just give it the system time, you won't be able to pass the FEoEZ test program on startup without a hack.

Just be sure to keep compatibility with my .rtc save format if you port over my code. SNESGT and Snes9X WIP also use it. The crazy time_t handling is to allow it to work even after Y2k38 even on 32-bit time_t systems.