This is really weird. Yesterday, Tafoid reported that he was getting a black screen in Mario Kart when trying to go in-game, and massive graphics problems in HyperZone and Joe & Mac. All three games worked fine for me after syncing up to the latest SVN tree and doing a clean build, and maliehmut confirmed what I was seeing. However, this morning, Kale reported the same HyperZone graphics corruption problems.

Now, some people are seeing problems in other games, but etabeta isn't seeing them. I don't have access to SVN, so I can't test on my own.

It can't be a 32-bit versus 64-bit issue, since both Tafoid and I use 32-bit builds. It can't be an MSVC versus GCC issue, because both Tafoid and I use GCC. All I can come up with is somehow he and I are using different versions of GCC - I'll post the output from gcc -v when I get home from work.