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This is really weird. Yesterday, Tafoid reported that he was getting a black screen in Mario Kart when trying to go in-game, ...(snip)

I am not sure if you saw my notes on IRC. The Mario Kart is not a recent regression. It has been there since at least August 12th. See my post with screenshot (bottom)


It only happens if you quit while in gameplay and start another session. If you quit during any of the menus or clear your .nv it works fine the next start. And it is not really black it is just shifted to the left. You can see a single pixel of the screen on the far left. So I don't know if that is a mode 7 bug, a nvram bug, multisession bug or a compile bug (or all!)

Tafoid - Does that describe what you were seeing?

Just in case: I am using GCC, 32 bit on XP SP3 standard build with no fancy switches.

The only regression I have seen is that controls stopped working in "Super Star Wars - Empire Strikes back" just get stuck at start screen. no response. It worked release 133 and at lest part way into the SNES party of v134. I have not had time to narrow when it broke.

Edit: Better screen shot in Shideravan's Posrt

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