...guess that I need to check the other errors as well (first off the APU fail)

That may be a tough one. Surprisingly even Super Sleuth is failing it. Made this for fun / bragging. May help troubleshoot the remaining issues.

If you want to go at it anyway, I'd suggest referencing blargg's GME S-SMP core. It's also fully cycle-accurate for every testable opcode, and even emulates a special feature I don't, a glitch involving the counters.

But if you get them all, it's pretty neat. It runs a slightly different version of the SNES character test afterward while playing "When you wish upon a star" in the background. Would've been more fitting had I kept the name StarSNES wink

"EXT LATCH" would probably be the next one to target. It's probably using STAT78 and PIO for that.