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That's unfortunate. Darren and I were hoping MESS would take the torch eventually. At any rate, I think you'll reconsider when compatibility reaches >99%. I've had games break because I was off by literally a single cycle. Yes, being off by 6hz a frame at 21477272hz caused Mortal Kombat II to go crazy, it was just barely missing an IRQ.

and I thought I'd dealt with things which were fussy over timing ...

the Megadrive is much more forgiving, I think the only real case where implementing the delays between register write and effect even matter on that is Sesame Street. (which is lucky, because there really is no comprehensive, verified, guide to the timing on that anywhere)

I do wonder how well any of this will work in MAME/MESS tho, I seem to remember slight fluctuations in the timing between frames due to slight precision errors and rounding last time I tried to do anything (which was a long time ago..)