byuu: libco is definitely a large part of the interest, since it takes care of the actual task switching quite nicely.

Awesome! Oh, it's also thread-safe (each thread can have its own cothreads running), and the main core of MAME / MESS need not even know about it.

If you guys get serious about it, please let me know. I'll explain how to get around the save state issue, how to pass arguments to newly created cothreads, and how to vastly speed things up by running out-of-order and only syncing on reads from chips that aren't yet caught up.

I literally run the S-CPU and S-SMP several thousand opcodes out of sync with each other =)

Oh yeah. You'd think Dreamcast, with all it's power, is exempt from timing issues such as these. Nope. No such luck.

Are you serious? That completely ruins my theory that the faster a system gets, the less accuracy you need to emulate it frown

MS used reject-bin RAM for the first year or two of production to save costs and the BIOS did a fairly elaborate set of tests each power-on to figure out what clock it was stable at.

Thanks. As if I needed more reasons to never buy an MS-produced gaming console smile