Let me express my humble, no-emulator-programmer, personal point of view about this 'heated' SNES topic...

Kale and JD have a good point in this discussion because they are the current SNES driver developers, and they are doing lots of improvements to it, spending their spare time to try to fix the whole thing instead of saying what should be done from today forward.

Byuu did a great work with BSNES and was kind enough to open his source code to be used in MESS. He seems to be the most 'SNES knowledged' person here, though, he's been working more as an advisor and I don't think he will have motivation to port his entire code inside MESS by himself because he has his own emulator already.

To other people I don't have much left to say. I just think that if someone else is not happy enough with the current code, put yourself to the test and rewrite this driver from scratch (based on Byuu's code or not) and see if it gets better than the current one. If it shows better results, then replace the current code and nobody will be bothered or harmed in any way.

And pleeeeeease, remember that this is only a personal opinion based on things I've read in this topic. I don't have the power to criticize anyone in this project and this is not the idea wink