My feelings are pretty simple: we have 3 (THREE!) features missing from the video emulation and we want to nuke everything?

Certainly I don't mean to force my code on you if you don't want it. I actually lose my reference license if you guys use it in MESS, and bsnes becomes less competitive, so I have nothing to gain. I was merely offering in case you were frustrated with working on the SNEeSe-based one now.

It's your baby, and we're grateful for your work regardless of how you go about improving it.

And secondly, we fail on a lot of subtle/buggy hardware behaviors (e.g. tile number wrapping for sprites)

Indeed. Did you know that sprites at X=256 count all tiles in RTO? That's a hardware bug that is required for Super Conflict's title screen to show up properly. And if sprite size=16x32 (mode 6) with OAM big-sprites disabled and OAM interlace enabled, the height is chopped in half to 16x16. It took a lot of time to find all that crazy shit wink

he's been working more as an advisor and I don't think he will have motivation to port his entire code inside MESS by himself

I have a very hard time with code I didn't write. MESS in particular, I've still yet to even find which file handles $2100-213f writes.