Interesting...*counts tracks found in M1*

4 tracks (3:20 apiece?) = 13:20 of audio
Car select = 45 secs(?)
Demo = 1:00
Name Entry = 0:40
Winner Music = 0:30

Added up that sums 128kbps that'd be 15 and a quarter megabytes. So it seems odd that SEGA would do a one-minute loop after having heard full-length scores from Daytona 2. Weird.

Anyway before I head off to do whatever it was that I was doing, I know this isn't the forum for MAME but I want to congratulate the dev team on the amazing progress of Sega Model 3 emulation. All I need now is a 6 GHz computer! :-)

Splash Wave.
Passing Breeze.
Magical Sound Shower.
Any questions?