SVN r6178/9: CD-i driver: Ported over some fixes provided by CD-i Fan, Hotel Mario now goes in-game and works great. Other games no longer hang. Unfortunately, Lemmings still does not have music in-game, but it does play a few sectors' worth of music data before the music dies.

Hotel Mario:

Zombie Dinos:

Toon Jukebox:

This checkin pair also marks the upgrading of the driver's status from NOT_WORKING to IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS and IMPERFECT_SOUND. I will be more willing to listen to bug reports now, please just make sure that the disc rip is correct, and that it isn't a DVC-requiring game.

Known issues so far include:
Merlin's Apprentice: Perfect
Namco Arcade Classics: Hard to play with a joystick, but otherwise perfect
CD-i Backgammon: Perfect
Battleship: Minor graphical glitch at the start of a match, otherwise perfect
CD Shoot: Perfect
Classic Jukebox: Perfect
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 1992: Perfect
Caesar's Palace Casino: Perfect?
CD-i Pinball: Perfect?
Connect Four: Perfect?
Christmas Crisis: Requires DVC
Escape from Cyber City: Hangs after boot video
Create Your Own Charicature: Perfect?
Dark Castle: Perfect?
Link - Faces of Evil: Perfect?
Zelda - The Wand of Gamelon: Perfect?
Golden Oldies 1: Perfect
Golden Oldies 2: Perfect
Hotel Mario: Perfect?
International Tennis Open: Hangs after boot video
Jeopardy: Perfect?
Jigsaw - The Ultimate Electronic Puzzle: Graphically perfect, but mouse pointer never responds
Kether: Perfect?
Laser Lords: Seems to lack certain controls - enter/exit building, talk to people - but otherwise perfect
Lemmings: No background music, but otherwise perfect
Mario Wacky Worlds (Prototype): Perfect?
Mega Maze: Hangs when trying to go in-game
Micro Machines: Perfect?
The Wacky World of Mini-Golf: Perfect?
Myst: Perfect?
Name That Tune: Perfect?
Pac-Panic: Perfect (no sound?)
Sargon Chess: Perfect (a bit laggy?)
Richard Scarry's Best Neighbor Book Ever (or whatever it's called): Perfect?
Space Ranger: Perfect?
Striker Pro: Perfect?
Tangram - The Ultimate Chinese Game: Perfect?
Tetris: Perfect
Text Tiles: Perfect?
Toon Jukebox: Perfect
Whack-A-Bubble: Perfect?
Zelda's Adventure: Hangs during the intro
Zenith: Perfect?
Zombie Dinos: Perfect?