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CDi - more testing

Alice in Wonderland
Seems to have issues with the inputs? Tutorial tells you that you can use a button to enter doors / interact with things, but they don't seem to work

I'll bet the third input bit that has a special meaning in graphics tablet operation actually functions as a third button. There's possibly even a fourth during normal gamepad operation. I'll see what I can do.

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Axis & Allies
runs, but appears to use an unsupported video format when drawing the title text animation (see shot 3)

Excellent, I've been trying to find a game with unsupported graphics modes, I'll see what that's trying to do. If you can find a game that actually uses RGB555 mode, too, that would be stellar.

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Burn Cycle works pretty well too, aside from some random graphic corruption, which appears to be self-correcting as it vanishes if you turn around again.

Probably the same issue that causes Myst's display to freak out during the transition when turning to the left or right, but to rectify itself once the transition is complete. I've been meaning to look at that, too.

If you could concentrate your testing on games that have graphical issues rather than lag or audio issues, that would be extremely helpful as well. Lemmings is currently unhappy with something to do with audio, as it only plays the first couple sectors' worth of background music before dying; I expect that the same thing that's causing this could be causing several of the audio issues you've described.