CDI Shots of the day

Magic Eraser
Take Qix, remove all the fun, all the gameplay, and all the rules, and you basically have Magic Eraser.

It looks like the background gfx should be 16bpp, maybe this is what you were looking for MG? (or something else is wrong.)


This looked fun on YouTube, but just locks up in my build

Shaolin's Road

Seems like a well-enough done movie based game, nohing special, but more polished than most. It seemed playable up until the last shot, where I was hit for a second time, and instead of giving me the usual retry option it locked up

Video SpeedWay

The worst Super Monaco GP clone I've ever played. The menus are quite nice, but the game is awful. Seems to work fine, including the car that sounds like a broken lawnmower.

Lords of The Rising Sun
Seems to work, strategy game, couldn't work out what to do on the map screen tho.

Asterix - worked up to the point of telling me that my disc was dirty, at which point it died.

Kether - Locked up at the last shot

Domino - pointless, but works

Laser Lords
Seems to be based on the same engine as Alice in Wonderland, and also suffers from the 'can't do any actions on the surface' issue.

point+click adventure? might have potential, but has lots of instant death situations, and instant death means.. show the credits and quit the game!.. The emulator doesn't return to the interface and boot the game again gracefully.

Vegas Girls (ADULT GAME)

Misalinged graphics, it's a PAL title, so maybe that's why? or it's something to do with the status bar, and timing, maybe i should check it with it disabled, although the code to me didn't look like it would change the timing. Also the graphics corrupt HEAVILY on the fruit machine when the reels spin (shots 1, 4-5, safe for work)

Strip Poker Pro (ADULT GAME)
seems to work, didn't bother to play for long

Strip Poker Live (ADULT GAME)
seems to work, didn't bother to play for long

CD Shoot
the title probably indicates the best use for the CD after playing this game. Somebody please tell phillips that you don't create a mouse aiming game, then auto move the target to some random location on the screen when the thing you're trying to shoot appears, and attempt to track it, while still expecting the player to fine tune the movement. It just makes things unplayable. Appears to work tho.

those are the ones I've tested today, I guess the only interesting one as far as MG is concerned will be the first one, although the Vegas Girls one might be of interest too. Shots just for people who are interested in seeing what they looked like.

At this point I genuinely feel sorry for anybody who paid $700 for one of these and $50 a game....