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not only: even if you try to use the correct dump in other emulators, they would not be able to read the kanji from it in the way the games expect them (i.e. in the way a real x1 would read them)

It doesn't work even if you use the fake kanji rom that they provides, granted that I've did everything correct (i.e. I've didn't bothered much)...
A small list of games that uses the kanji ROM are:
-Asteka II
-Gall Force
-Gambler Jiko Chuushinha
-Hyper Olympics '84
-Lost Armaggedon
-Maison Ikkoku - Omoideno Photograph

Maybe now I should put the student hat and try to implement .d88 writes...it's needed for later games like Sorcerian, King's Knight, American Truck, Hydlide floppy version, Legend of Kage... (And probably tells me what exactly is still needed for the z80dma to work)

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