SVN r6381, continued:
Dr. Mario 64 actually displays the little swaying guy:

Paper Mario's file dialogues look much better:

Paper Mario also kindly deigns to provide us with a concrete, verbose example where the MIPS core's TLB handling craps the bed, that we can point Aaron at:

The balloons, alpha cutout, and Z buffering are finally correct in Mario Kart 64:

Tetrisphere's block colors now show up, rather than simply being a single diffuse color:

Also, can you please inform me if you see a compile failure with this SVN revision? I am not seeing anything of the sort with what I thought were the latest MAME / MESS build tools, so I'm at a loss.

Also, if anyone who has a 64-bit machine and has the skills to repair the N64 driver on 64 bits, feel free...