SVN r6492: SGI IRIS 3130 IP2 driver

After upping the amount of visible memory and adding 64k for a "BSS" segment for the PROM (whatever that means), it gets a bit chattier and a bit more polite:

►IRIS (IP2 - Revision E) Monitor Version 3.0.10 July 1, 1987
Memory Size 1mb (Physical Map (1mb/bit) 0x00000001)
Configuration Switch: 0x9805
  Multibus Window (2mb) at Megabytes 2 and 3.
  Multibus accessible memory (1mb) begins
    at Physical memory page 0,
    at Virtual address 2000000.
  WARNING: Multibus accessible memory overlaps all
           Physical memory
Power has been lost to the machine
iris> h
General Monitor Commands (All numeric values in hex):
  MEDIA is one of the following:
      hd        - hard disk.(look for ip, sd, then md)
      ct        - cartridge tape.(look for st, then mt)
      fd        - floppy disk (look for sf, then mf)
      ip        - interphase disk.
      sd(or si) - storager disk.
      md        - midas disk.
      st(or sq) - storager cartridge tape.
      mt(or mq) - midas cartridge tape.
      sf        - storager floppy disk.
      mf        - midas floppy disk.
      tcp       - TCP network.
      xns       - XNS network.
      rom       - EPROM board.
  DEVSPEC is the one of the following:
      host name         - name of a host. (MEDIA must be tcp or xns.)
      unit              - unit number of device (0, 1, ...).
                            (MEDIA must be a tape or disk device.)
      <unit><fs>        - unit number and filesystem (a - h).
                            (MEDIA must be a disk device.)
      address           - multibus address.
                            (MEDIA must be the EPROM board.)

Continue (y or n)?: y
[MEDIA.DEVSPEC:][file]  load and begin execution of the named file.
                                    file defaults to defaultboot
                                    SPECs are from switch settings

b [MEDIA.DEVSPEC:][file]        same as above.

t [DEVSPEC:][file]              same as b with MEDIA = tcp.

n [DEVSPEC:][file]              same as b with MEDIA = xns.

ls [MEDIA.DEVSPEC:][file]       list the files on the device.

l [MEDIA.DEVSPEC:][file]        load but don't begin execution of the file.

g address [stack]               start executing at specified address.
                                the stack address is optional.

h|?                             print this help message.

Continue (y or n)?: y
set                             print the current set values.
set media MEDIA                 set the default boot media.
set devspec DEVSPEC             set the default boot device spec.
set debug 0/1                   set the debug mode.
set display                     set display options from switch settings.
set dcr BITS OPTION             set DC4 bits and option.
set inetaddr ADDRESS            set TCP/IP address of this machine.
set servaddr ADDRESS            set TCP/IP address of boot server.
set gateaddr ADDRESS            set TCP/IP address of boot gateway.
                                32-bit TCP/IP ADDRESS is given as four bytes
                                in decimal separated by dots (

exit                            reset the PROMS.

fm{b|w|l} ADDR VALUE [INCR] [CNT]
                                fill memory as byte, word or long
                                starting at ADDR, with initial VALUE,
                                incrementing VALUE by INCR for CNT times.
                                (INCR defaults to 0; CNT defaults to 1)

dm{b|w|l} ADDR [CNT]            display memory as byte, word or long.
                                (CNT defaults to 1)

em{b|w|l} ADDR                  edit memory interactively as byte,
                                word or long.

dpr                             display processor registers.

epr REGISTER                    edit the given processor register.
                                (sr, vbr, cacr, caar, sfc, dfc).

iris> set
Clock is running:
     Time      Alarms       Date        Registers
   04:02:00   05:03:01   08/07[6]/09   0a 0b 0c 0d
Saved RAM: magic 0xe0f1011, boot 0x12, power 0x13, dcr 0x15
Boot Environment:
   Media  : mon
TCP/IP Network Boot Environment:
   Internet address of this machine: (from Saved RAM)
   Internet address of boot server:  (not set)
   Internet address of boot gateway: (not set)
Misc Environment:
   Version: 3.0.10 July 1, 1987
   Serial Number: 6426
   IP2 Revision E with 1 Meg of memory
   FPA is installed
   Ethernet controller is not installed