SVN r6799
RM Nimbus Driver
(update to RM nimbus driver, it will now boot from floppy and the keyboard now works, though the video is still buggy.)

Found a disk image called WELC.FLP on Internet which content MS-DOS 3.10
I made following:
Formated a real floppy disk (720KB) on normal PC (Win98 because WinXP not support this format) and not on real RM Nimbus PC.
Used the tool " 2FLOPPY " to read WELC.FLP image and write on the formatted Floppy Disk.
Used WinImage to read the Floppy Disk (A:) and saved as WELC.IMA

Unfortunately, my created Floppy Disk image is not booting.
My questions are now, made I some mistakes, is the reason i need to format the 720KB Disk on RM Nimbus PC or is the reason the RM Nimbus driver ?

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