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Wow, I didn't expect to suddenly see A'can emulation getting anywhere so soon. I wonder where these ROM dumps are coming from, maybe all games will be dumped soon? Save the extra rare Rebel Star. Doubt we'll be seeing that one anytime soon.

HW-wise is pretty easy to HLE (at least the basic stuff), it's really a rip-off of the SFC & MD characteristics glued together (windows, tilamap bases, mosaic effects etc.). It's not really a bad system per-se and it's certainly better than the two aforementioned consoles, you can declare 3 normal layers + 1 roz + sprites, and you can declare the bpp for each layer indipendently, the only bottleneck that I can see so far is that the paletteram really seems to have only 256 color entries, it probably have v/h beam position stuff like the MD but it's still somewhat limited, especially for a 1995 system.

I'm fairly sure that with decent programmers this thing could have given true videogames, at least in-par with the average fourth generation gamelist anyway. Currently instead they all looks rip-offs of something else, that Super Dragon Force for example looks a lot like Falcom's Ys imho.

The rest of the games will not be dumped soon, we still need to locate and dump anything minus 05, 07 and 11.