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I picked up two of those Plug 'n Play TV Games cheap at a garage sale--Mystery Machine and Spiderman 3. Does anyone know if that's the same hardware? I haven't even tried to look inside them.

Unfortunately, this one guy's r�sum� seems to be the only thing listing the hardware on which some of these games run, and he didn't work on either of those. That said:

* Disney Fairies � GPAC800/Accelerometer
* Power Rangers � GPAC800/Accelerometer
* Spiderman Masked Menace � GPAC500
* Star Wars:Clone Wars - SPG243 Lightgun
* Leapfrog - SPG243 BaseROM
* Toy Story � SPG243
* Animal Art Studio - SPG243
* Nemo � SPG243
* Fantastic Four � SPG240
* Spiderman � SPG110/GPAC300

Other folks' r�sum�s list:

* Spongebob Squarepants Dilly Dabbler - SPG110
* Super Silly Makeover - SPG110
* World Poker Tour - SPG110