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I picked up two of those Plug 'n Play TV Games cheap at a garage sale--Mystery Machine and Spiderman 3. Does anyone know if that's the same hardware? I haven't even tried to look inside them.

Unfortunately, this one guy's résumé seems to be the only thing listing the hardware on which some of these games run, and he didn't work on either of those. That said:


* Disney Fairies – GPAC800/Accelerometer
* Power Rangers – GPAC800/Accelerometer
* Spiderman Masked Menace – GPAC500
* Star Wars:Clone Wars - SPG243 Lightgun
* Leapfrog - SPG243 BaseROM
* Toy Story – SPG243
* Animal Art Studio - SPG243
* Nemo – SPG243
* Fantastic Four – SPG240
* Spiderman – SPG110/GPAC300

Other folks' résumés list:


* Spongebob Squarepants Dilly Dabbler - SPG110
* Super Silly Makeover - SPG110
* World Poker Tour - SPG110