I�m new to this place here, and I was and still am a little confused as to why my neo-geo roms suddently stopped working! smirk

I audited the games and I clicked on "Get Info", it tells me that the Audit Status is Bad! In every Rom I looked so far, it tells me that something is missing in the BIOS. So, I guess the reason why they aren�t working seems to be that the Bios is outdated ... even when I find a 0.135 Bios, where do I put it? There is no Folder for that ... . Sorry, if my english might be a lil broken! smirk
Is there even a exact Bios for 0.135 or can I use a version that is a lil older like 0.131 or so aswell? The Documentation sadly doesn�t tell me anything about where to put a newer Bios, I already checked! smirk
Since some here are actually working on the project, I�m sure you know better than me where something has to go! smirk