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great! the new pio code definitely beats the old one in every aspects

on an unrelated note, can anyone point me to a d64 image with error codes (either giving me the TOSEC name or the file CRC). they should be recognizable by their size, 175531 byte vs. 174848

I'd like to test the improved support, but I have no test cases

EDIT: @Curt: is there any reason to still have two different implementation of the mos6530 in the source? can we remove mos6530.c?

I'm not sure if nibconv supports d64 errors, you could convert a G64 game which has a simple sector error protection (like Ocean loader in Rambo 3 PAL).

http://c64preservation.com/dp.php?pg=database (search for "Ocean" protection)

The miot6530 should be converted to use devcb, so I left the mos6530 in there so you could do a quick copypaste smile