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Ok, checked Brandish 2 again after the compile fix ... current build now works, so I guess it was one of the 100s bugs that eta introduced just before 0.136 release ;P

you might find interesting the fact that the bug was introduced by judge and not by me (also because I haven't touched the driver from last fall to last week wink ) :P

that said, what I broke a couple of weeks ago was Seiken Densetsu 3 player select screen. however, I never spent time to fix it because I was trying to rewrite the BG drawing routines to be more similar to BSNES ones (so that it's easier to debug MESS, being possible to compare the two sources). I will never thank enough byuu for writing such a clear emulator!

at last, today I managed to complete the changes and to re-add most of the features in the rewritten routines. these are the result:

- Seiken Densetsu 3 back in its previous state
[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it] [Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]

- Tokimeki Memorial better than ever (no text yet, but you can see that priorities and resolutions are correct)
[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]

- and, as a bonus, an almost working implementation of offset-per-tiles mode
[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]

on the negative side, there are a couple of hires issues which results in not 100% perfect hires texts (e.g. in Desert Fighter,
[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]
but it only affects text, Suchi Pai works) and in a few of other minor problems (e.g Star screens in the SNES Test ROM do not scroll properly).

since the gain in readability and opt are imho clear improvements, I will commit these changes as a series of patches either later tonight or tomorrow.

stay tuned...