I poked Guru about the decapping (the Saturn SH-1 CD controller is also in line) and he said they expect to do some stuff for us soon.

This is excellent news!

If this is a success, and we're able to emulate it properly, then we can gain perfect DSP-3 and DSP-4 support just by dumping the PROMs and using them in place of the DSP-1 PROM. That will lower the number of unemulated games to two.

I'm certain we can easily raise $250 or more for each of the remaining DSPs, if we can show the results with the DSP-1B PROM.

And if they are willing to reveal how it was done, we can probably have neviksti take a stab at the other ones.

(e.g Star screens in the SNES Test ROM do not scroll properly).

I'm sure you're talking about some other issue, but hires and scrolling really don't go well together at all. Given the way it works you're guaranteed to have a jittery mess every other frame when scrolling. Makes it very hard to take a good screenshot.