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I am not sure if anyone else is come across this but with the recent changes in the snes driver. Super Mario World doesn't quite play the way it used to. The Mario sprite is offset on the level select screen and in level the background indexes across the screen making the game very hard to play.

are you using 0.136? in current svn I cannot reproduce this problem

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I have also noticed that the attract screen in Super Mario Kart does this as well.

again, Super Mario Kart runs in current svn exactly like in bsnes... I see no problem.

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These are probably well known but anyways here are a couple of problems I've ran into with the 1.36 release (maybe fixed?)

TMNT Tournament Fighters
Tiny Toon Adventures Wacky Sports (broken graphics, locks up after gameplay demo)

yes these are fixed (they suffered the same problem as Super Tennis and Chrono Trigger).

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Also Super Robot Taisen Gaiden Masou Kishin doesn't start and exibits this string in the terminal "warning: write to SOUND TEST register with data ff!"

This game has never worked in MESS, but I'm not sure if anybody had ever reported it. Thanks for pointing it out.

I suggest both of you to use Bobz build ( http://bobz38.free.fr/mess_autobuild/index.php ) to test SNES games in MESS, since 0.136 is definitely broken.