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TMNT Tournament Fighters (still shows this graphical error:)

This bug is indeed still present.

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Some quick tests (using Bobz build):

Tetris Battle Gaiden (works a bit into game, but turns black and unresponsive if you let it enter actual gameplay/demonstration)

could you explain me what do you mean exactly with "let it enter actual gameplay/demonstration"? I think this is working now, but I would like to be sure I'm not checking something different from what you meant...

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Super Back to the Future II & Sugoi Hebereke (changes background color but shows no graphics, works in 0.136)

Super Family Tennis (problem with hires logo, players don't show in gameplay/demonstration)

not confirmed with new changes done today. I tested Japanese versions of the games you mentioned and:

could you try again tomorrow (Bobz build gets updated once per day) and report if these games work?

anyway, thanks for testing smile