I cannot reproduce most of these: in reverse order...

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Monster Maker Kids - Ousama ni Naritai (sprites don't show in title/demonstration and probably in game either)

I can see them in latest svn

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DKC 1 and 2 turn all-green in game.


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SCV4 and Dracula X start out OK but almost immediately all sprites disappear, which makes it hard to play smile

at which point? (given my system crawls while emulating SNES, the first couple of levels are the best I can test, without better references)

might there be endianness problems? might it be 64bit specific?

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R-Type III third lightning (shows title and then turns black)

waiting a few seconds after the title screen, I see a black screen, but then the demo goes on:

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Tiny Toon Adventures - Wacky Sports Challenge (starts first demonstration then turns black)

same as above: it runs through the demo sequence, then screens become black but in a few seconds the konami logo is there

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Super Castlevania IV (shows part pf the intro sequence and then turns black)

I was able to pass through the whole intro (the one with the story), then the gameplay demo started without issues and finally it came back to the Konami logo and the title screen.

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also tried Super Bomberman Panic Bomber W which only shows black screen (it also fails in 0.136 where it says the following "warning: write to sound test register with data 00!")

This has never worked, unfortunately... it needs better timing of the CPU, iirc


Back on inputs, I added preliminary SuperScope support.

I suck at lightgun games (and inputs are quite unresponsive on my eeepc, making a nightmare to understand if the Turbo switch is on or off), so don't expect me to test all the games supporting it wink
If there are issues, I hope users could provide a test case (together with steps to reproduce it and expected behavior)