Thanks for the constant updates, a lot of fun to read. I should hopefully be more helpful once you get toward the final CPU timing bugs.

EDIT: btw, this is another proof that few people actually use MESS for SNES: nobody noticed those games were broken since last summer... well, hopefully things will get better in future

Good luck with that one. I suspect that even once Microsoft kills 32-bit backwards-compatibility in Windows ~12, people will just start running ZSNES inside of DOSBox.

No release in three years, not portable, 100+ open bugs, some over ten years old, a UI that makes the Atari ST blush, sound effects are always distorted, and the latest build doesn't even play SA-1 games or have netplay. Yet it has 70% of the user base.

I stopped worrying about it a few years ago, I'd suggest you do the same or it will kill you inside. If that's what people want, more power to them.

Nothing to do with system requirements, either. SNESGT is blindingly fast yet better in every way. I assume it's all about familiarity.