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Thanks for the constant updates, a lot of fun to read. I should hopefully be more helpful once you get toward the final CPU timing bugs.

that could take some time (currently in progress improved OAM drawing routines, to finally fix the "sprite limit" and the priorities; next target probably HDMA), but thanks a lot for both the direct and indirect help you gave: your source is a wonderful reference for what is currently known about the hardware; your notes on the OAM are being precious, explaining the few points that were unclear to me after reading bsnes implementation; and I borrowed the logic you used for SuperScope Turbo Mode which saved me some time in figuring out a fast way to toggle the right keys when necessary [1]

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I stopped worrying about it a few years ago, I'd suggest you do the same or it will kill you inside. If that's what people want, more power to them.

sad but true. but I'm especially worried about having to test 4000+ games by myself, whenever I try to make things closer to the hardware... well, at least we might hope that some MAME users decide they like MESS due to the common UI and options: this might give us a few more regular testers.

[1] btw, let me know if you want to be credited for those lines (line 463-491 of http://git.redump.net/cgit.cgi/mess/tree/src/mess/drivers/snes.c )